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At 5th Gear Motorsports, we specialize in a wide range of services to help you at every step of the way. We provide online purchasing and scheduling for our most common services, and we provide comprehensive estimates and convenient appointment times for everything else. 

Cosmetic Services

Full Automotive Detailing

As part of our expanded services menu, 5th Gear Motorsports now offers comprehensive automotive detailing services at great prices. Keeping your car clean and well maintained preserves the market value of your vehicle if you ever decide to resell or trade it in. It also keeps you on the road and proud of your ride. In the winter time, regular detailing protects your vehicle inside and out from frequent exposure to water, sand, and road salts.

We provide interior, exterior, and total detail packages for bikes, cars, trucks, vans & SUVs, boats, RVs, and big rigs. Our senior-level detail techs are highly trained, and very thorough.

Touch-Up Services

Don't take your vehicle to drive through car washes that use dirty brushes on your vehicle. Rocks, mud, and sand can easily get trapped in the brushes and cause damage that can sometimes be irreversible without costly paint restoration services. Even touch-free car washes pose a risk; guide rails can throw off your wheel alignment and air blowers fail to fully dry your vehicle. This can cause hard to remove water spots that could impede your vision while driving.

We offer touch-up services that include a basic hand wash and dry, basic wax, vacuum, wipe down, and windows for in between details or while you're on the go. 

Car Show Detailing

If you are looking to save yourself the time and cost, as well as the elbow grease, of detailing your ride before the next show, we've got you covered. Everyone at 5th Gear Motorsports has been racing, modifying, and showing custom cars for a long time. We've got a lot of experience in what show cars need to stand out.

When you order a show detail from us, we'll go above and beyond our standard detail package. First, we will evaluate your vehicle to get a thorough understanding of your needs. To achieve these results, we may perform a clay-bar service, wet sanding, multi-step wax, buffing, specialty wax, headlight restoration, and deep cleaning and conditioning for your leather and interior surfaces. We even have experience in cleaning and conditioning soft-top convertible covers. When you choose 5th Gear, you choose a winner every time.

Preventative Services

When you buy a new car, dealerships will try to sell you expensive additions to help protect the interior and exterior of your vehicle. While these services are important and serve a purpose, sometimes people neglect to order them due to the high costs that dealers charge. Some may ask, do I really need this?

If you're buying a new car, then the answer is (most often) a resounding YES. But look no further, because 5th Gear offers these same services for a fraction of the cost. We offer fabric and carpet stain protection and multi-step paint applications to help protect your brand new vehicle. Schedule today to make sure your brand new purchase ALWAYS stays looking amazing, inside and out.

Maintenance & Repair Services

Oil Change

Scheduling regular oil changes can sometimes seem like a hassle in today's fast paced world, but it is one of the most important things you can do for your vehicle no matter how old it is. Fresh oil helps protect your engine from costly (and sometimes catastrophic) repairs by preventing wear, rust, and corrosion. The inside of your engine is lubricated by this oil, which keeps it running smooth without damaging internal parts.

Regular oil changes, lubricated and/or replaced fittings, and new oil filters are essential to keeping your vehicle running efficiently for a long time. Every make & model has a different recommended mileage for how often you should change your oil because every engine is built and installed differently. Check your owner's manual to determine how often you should change the oil in your particular vehicle.

Brake Service

Your brakes are arguably the most important part of driving your vehicle. When you transport your precious cargo, you especially want to know that you have the power to stop quickly, completely, and precisely every time. Brake pads, shoes, drums, and rotors eventually wear down from heat and friction, even under normal driving conditions. If not properly serviced, these same wear issues can also affect hydraulic components such as calipers, wheel cylinders, and brake hoses.

Many people change their brake pads without ever considering the replacement of the rotors, however this is also very important. When you schedule your brake service with 5th Gear Motorsports, you will receive competitive package pricing that many other mechanics do not offer, which saves you big money in the long run.

Battery Service

The average life expectancy of your vehicle's battery is around four years, however this can fluctuate. Normal operating temperatures, road vibration, and cold/hot climate changes will naturally impact the internal components of a battery over time. Warning signs of malfunction can include having to jump start your vehicle, slow (or failed) turn-over of the engine, dashboard warning lights that won't turn off, corrosion from the battery terminals, and some really interesting malfunctions of your electrical components!

When you choose 5th Gear for your battery service, you will receive a full inspection and testing of your battery, replacement (if necessary), terminal cleaning and professional disposal of your old battery.

Basic Diagnosis

When those warning lights pop up on your dash, your first instinct is often to find out what it means. Most people know that you can visit your local parts store and get your codes scanned for free, which is extremely helpful for some. If you are struggling to understand what these codes mean and would like a full consultation about what the repairs might look like, our basic diagnosis is for you.

You'll receive a comprehensive code scan for your vehicle, a full report with a brief explanation of the codes and possible repairs needed to take home with you, and a brief consultation with one of our techs to help you fully understand what might be going on and what your options are. 

Comprehensive Diagnosis

Our Comprehensive Diagnosis is like going through your vehicle with a fine tooth comb. We will perform a comprehensive code scan for your vehicle, a full multi-point inspection (inside and out) on the lift, a full report with a brief explanation of the codes and possible repairs needed to take home with you, and a brief consultation with one of our techs to help you fully understand what might be going on and what your options are, even if you decide to go with another shop for repairs.

Should you decide to schedule your repairs with us, the cost of this diagnosis will be credited towards your final repair bill, which makes this service absolutely FREE.

Electrical Diagnosis

Your electrical system includes your vehicle's battery, alternator, starter, and wiring system. Many new vehicles also include complex computer systems that affect functions like steering, brakes, sensors, and more. All of these components can make it difficult to pin-point the cause of vehicle electrical problems. Most electrical issues are not as complex as they might seem, so we'll start with the most common issues first.

In the rare event that we need to go deep into your vehicle's wiring system to find and repair the cause of your unique electrical malfunction, we will perform this fully comprehensive wiring and component inspection. This service is most commonly scheduled for vehicles who are suspected to have internal damage to the wiring system or electrical malfunctions that have been overly challenging for other mechanics to find and diagnose.

AC Diagnosis

Everyone can agree that on unbearably hot summer days, your vehicle's AC is of utmost importance. If you’re having a hard time maintaining a comfortable temperature, or you have noticed any odd noises or smells when the AC is running, it may be time to stop in and have your system checked.

Regular maintenance to your AC system will also greatly reduce the risk of a premature compressor failure, which can be a much more expensive repair than necessary. We will test your system for efficiency, inspect for & repair most leaks, and restore your system to proper lube and refrigerant levels to keep you cool all summer long.

Heating System

Did you know that your heating system is even more important than your AC system? The reason why is because your heating system is directly tied into your vehicle's coolant system. This system is composed of your heater core, water pump, radiator, thermostat, cylinder heads, head gaskets, fans, and many other important parts that are all connected together by various hoses. The result is that heat is pulled from the engine bay and transferred as heat to your cabin to keep you warm, while your engine stays cool enough to operate efficiently.

When any malfunctions in this important cycle are ignored, the results can break the bank and leave you without a ride. Coolant leaks, overheating, blown head gaskets, radiator failure, and catastrophic engine failure are some of the most common and costly consequences of ignoring these issues. If you notice a decrease in warmth, coolant leaking beneath your vehicle, increased condensation and/or a sweet smell in your cabin, white smoke/steam from under your hood and a rapidly rising temperature gauge, it is time to bring your vehicle in ASAP to avoid serious repairs.

Air/Cabin Filters

The air/cabin filters in your vehicle act the same way as the air filters in your home. If you don't regularly change your air filters, your air won't blow efficiently, and you'll experience a build up of odors and allergens. Not all vehicles are equipped with an air-filtration system, but if your vehicle has one, you should take care to provide regular filter changes. 

Headlight Replacement & Upgrade

It would arguably be a terrible idea to drive at night if your headlights aren't bright enough and working properly. Because the headlight housing is made of plastic, sometimes oxidation can build up and cause reduced visibility. In older vehicles, you may prefer to upgrade and replace your headlights altogether. 

5th Gear Motorsports offers high-quality headlight restoration and upgrading at affordable prices. If you've noticed that you are having a hard time seeing at night, give us a call or stop by and we'll let you know what our recommendations are, and what options are available for your particular vehicle.

Alternators & Starters

Your starter is what makes your vehicle start running, and your alternator helps charge your battery and distribute electricity throughout your vehicle. In the event that these components malfunction, your car won’t turn on and stay on. If you have trouble starting your car or sustaining power, it may be time to have these components checked.

When you choose 5th Gear Motorsports, we will perform an inspection of your alternator and starter, measure voltage levels of your starter, alternator, and battery, and discuss with you and needs for additional alternator or starter repairs and associated costs.

Belts & Hoses

Replacing your vehicle's belts and hoses when necessary helps to avoid unexpected breakdowns and potential engine damage from overheating. Worn coolant hoses can result in an overheated engine, and power-steering hoses are important for the proper steering of your vehicle.

When we perform a belt and hose service, we provide a thorough inspection of all belts and hoses for signs of wear or damage, including your accessory or serpentine belt. We will replace worn belts and hoses as needed, and adjust the fit of installed belts, hoses, and related components as necessary.

Under-Body Repair and Maintenance

Arguably one of the most complex, and important, parts of your vehicle is what it sits on. Without your frame, suspension, shock/strut systems, wheels, and everything in between, you would most definitely still be in the Flintstone era. 

When you choose 5th Gear Motorsports for your under-body repair and maintenance, you will receive a comprehensive inspection, estimate, and consultation about what we find, why it is important, and how much it will cost to maintain proper function of your vehicle's driving abilities. If you are noticing excessive road noise, trouble with maintaining speed, funny noises over bumps, trouble with keeping your vehicle straight, or changes in stopping, give us a call and let us help you find the problem.

Collision & Paint Work

Collision, Hail, Paint, and Custom Applications

5th Gear Motorsports offers many services to keep your vehicle looking great. We can repair hail damage, standard painting services, custom painting services, full collision damage repair, and some custom applications. We review your needs on a case by case basis with you at our shop, and provide you with a full estimate and consultation. 

We accept most major insurance, and estimates are free for our scheduling customers.

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