Information for B2B Sales Reps, Agents, & Product Vendors

5th Gear Motorsports recognizes the value in partnering with, or outsourcing to, various companies, if the products or services provided are in fact in the best interest of our business goals, our clients, and our local partners.

As a sales professional, you understand that we are approached weekly by well-meaning people just like you, who wish to partner with us for various products and services. As such, we are unable to consider every proposal that we are pitched. However, in the interest of smart business practices, we have attempted here to create a process in which to allow other professionals the opportunity to request a brief meeting to consider their proposals. All requests for consideration must follow this process precisely prior to being considered or scheduled for a meeting.

If you are interested in discussing your proposals with us, please fill out the form below thoroughly FIRST.


We need to know your full name, contact information, the company you represent, where your office is located, and your sales supervisor's name.

We will need you to briefly summarize the nature of your product or service, the problems that you believe your products or service will address, whether there any terms or contract requirements associated with partnering with or purchasing from you, and whether there are any warranties or guarantees associated with partnering with or purchasing from you. Pricing information is not required, but it is highly desirable, and individuals who send us pricing information with their request will be given preference in scheduling. Please also specify whether you will require a 30 minute or 60 minute meeting with our key decision makers.

We do not require specific contract/warranty information until the time of our meeting, if granted, but we do want to determine whether these things are applicable.

We will also need you to email us any applicable marketing materials/ customer hand-outs for your product or service to

We appreciate your cooperation with this process, and we hope that you will find it an effective screening tool and friendly response to your sales inquiries rather than a standard rejection so many sales professionals face in the field. We wish you luck in our region, and hope to hear from you soon.